About RTR

Who’s behind Redtag Ricky? Us! A mom and dad from the New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia. His name really is Ricky. I’m Jenine. We both work full time (I’m a schoolteacher) plus we have three wonderful teenage children.

I’ve been pinching pennies since I was a teenager myself. Early on, I learned a guiding principle—“Never pay full price. There’s always a deal to be found.” As an adult, I started sharing these deals with friends on Facebook. That’s how Redtag Ricky was born.

Within the first month, I became affiliated with Amazon, Walmart, and Target—growing so fast that Ricky had to jump on board to help.

Now we work with even more online companies, looking for their lowest prices—often haggling for their lowest prices—and offering them to you.

And that’s another guiding principle: “Our friends deserve the best deals possible.” That means you, once you join Redtag Ricky.

We have more than a quarter-million people in the group now, and that gives us some clout with these companies.


I want to share one more guiding principle with you: “Shopping should be safe, and fun.” You shouldn’t have to worry about getting cheated or ghosted or harassed. For this reason, we prohibit members from posting links on our site. We simply can’t confirm the safety or authenticity of each one.

We also want to remind you that we’re just the connectors. You buy straight from the companies, not from us. So, if there’s a problem, go first to their customer service. If there’s still a problem, let us know. We’ll try to help, and often we can make a difference, because your safety in shopping is important to us.

And be kind in the comments you post. There’s far too much hate in the online world already, but if we do this right, we can all save lots of money—and have some fun too.

Redtag Ricky’s Guiding Principles

Never pay full price. There’s always a deal to be found.

Our friends deserve the best deals possible.

Shopping should be simple, safe, and fun.

Things To Know About Us:

We don’t sell ANYTHING on here!

We connect you to retailers that are having sales. So, if you purchase something and you are dissatisfied with it, we apologize, but we can’t do anything about it! You would need to contact the company you bought it from.

We purchase things on here, too (more than you could even imagine) and we’ve been disappointed too from time to time! It’s part of the shopping experience online.

But, most of the companies we work with are VERY good at making things right!

We don’t sell ANYTHING on here

We have no control on how long promo codes last!

Some promo codes (especially Amazon ones) last only a few hours and some last several days! There’s no way for us to know.

Remember they are promotional codes, that means the company is looking for traffic and wants people to promote their product, so you score it for a great price, and they now have customers using their products and recommending them to friends and family.

Please look at the date of something before you post it’s not working, if you post on something that’s a month old it brings it to the front of newsfeed, and it blocks new deals that we are posting!

We cannot control how Facebook sorts your newsfeed!

Facebook is great platform for our group, but it does have its issues. We cannot control how they sort your newsfeed!

Trust me if I could I would! If you are not seeing posts, it’s not because we don’t want you too! It’s the Facebook algorithms that determine that! So, there’s a few things you can do!

You can sort your posts on Facebook by most recent (see post in notifications on how to do so), you can also look at the posts by Topics (this will automatically sort your posts by the order they are posted, see post in the notifications for this too), and you can change YOUR notification settings to make sure you get a notification every time we post (see post in the notifications on how to do so).

We have the right to remove anyone that is not appropriate!

Your interaction is critical to our members! The more we interact on the page, the more exposure the group gets, and the more companies will offer us special promos!!!

We’ve never had a problem with this, so keep up the great interaction! Also, PLEASE remember to be KIND!! If you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say it on here!

We have the right to remove anyone that is not appropriate! Please remember we are all here for the same reason, to save a BOAT LOAD of money!

We prohibit any member from posting a link!

We check/verify EVERY link on our page, so we know that our members are not going to shady/scam links.

If you see something you want to share, send it to Rick or myself and we will verify the information and post it for you.

We do get TONS of messages a day so please don’t feel bad if we don’t post your find.

We are trying to get to all of them, but we do tend to miss some!

We would like to ask a favor to all our members!

We would like to ask a favor to all our members, if we find you a deal on this site and you come to a page that asks you to use Rakuten/Ebates or Honey could you please refrain from using it.

I know it earns you cash back but it cancels out our small commission we earn for the product we are promoting, and those programs earn the finding fee.

This only refers to our deals we are promoting, if you find something on your own, USE IT!!!

They are GREAT programs and I use them too, but we would love to continue doing what we do if we can justify the time, we spend on it!

In Search Of!

ISO thread is located in the announcement section of Facebook. This is the thread where you can place an item that you are IN SEARCH OF.

We do change this monthly, so it will be deleted on the first of the month and a new one will be posted.

This post gives us a GREAT sense of what the members are looking for so we can gear our search items to make the members in the group happy!

Last but not least, PLEASE, PLEASE tell your friends about us! The more the merrier!